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codeNforcer provides you with source code analysis and review based on source code metrics. With codeNforcer you can drastically decrease time of source code review during refactoring, reengineering and white box testing.

codeNforcer is unique. It delivers clear and detailed recommendations to software developers, thus supporting improvement of their source code. These recommendations make source code more scalable, stable and reliable according to the object oriented paradigm and source code reuse. Today codeNforcer provides over 225 metrics for Java. Besides, it is scheduled to support C++, C#, PHP and Objective C in nearest release versions. We keep on expanding the list of metrics and supporting languages contributing our own research capabilities for further development of the source code metrics theory.

codeNforcer Interface

codeNforcer helps save time and money by ensuring quality development. The technological power and features of codeNforcer combined with highly effective licensing model allow you return investment into codeNforcer within 2 or 3 months. With codeNforcer your company will be saving time and money every day.

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Choose what suits you best:

  • Centralized web based access
  • Corporate cloud access
  • Public cloud access

Verification features

  • Schedule based
  • Product quality tracking based on QTP
  • Code convention conformity
  • User-defined rules
  • Code validation
  • Statistics collection
  • Recommendations for source code improvement
  • Source code improvements based on Object Oriented Metrics analysis

Automated intellectual modification and refactoring

  • Proposed scenarios for code modification
  • Manual selection of scenarios and insertion of recommendations directly into code

Recommendations for source code improvements based on CISQ measures for Reliability, Efficiency, Maintainability and Security

Benefits for developers

  • Web based tool for source code reviewing and editing
  • Possibility to assign tasks directly to JIRA
  • Integration with SVN, GIT and TFS

Team work features

  • Project groups' creation
  • Users and projects management
  • Integration with JIRA for interaction on users, projects and SCRUM dashboards levels
  • Integration with SVN, GIT and TFS
  • Team notifications by email
  • JIRA tasks integration for source code improvements based on generated recommendations
  • Integration with JIRA on projects, users and statistics necessary for QTP

codeNforcer screenshots: Project Overview

codeNforcer screenshots: Customer and Users

Measurements and Reports

  • Source code statistics including weekly and monthly performance analysis
  • Projects creation, management and tracking according to QTPs
  • Improvements progress tracking for Performance, Reliability, Maintainability, Security violations


  • Visual documentation generation and editing tools
  • PDF, CHM and HTML export
  • Web based portal with project documentation and user manuals

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