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Deliver best product on time

We strictly focus on our clients’ interests and success of their projects. We define our approach as Deliver Best Product on Time. Every word in this approach definition has its meaning and we see it this way:


  • Full knowledge of the requirements. We study thoroughly all software requirements, as well as the environment where it will be applied; we also consider specific nature of users who will be working with our software.
  • Control and measure. Our managers constantly monitor project process, conduct risks analysis and control.
  • Priorities. We always consider the project management triangle time-cost-scope and help our clients to take these factors of project management into account to get as many relevant product features as possible within the required timeframe and available budget.
  • Always stay in touch. We always stay in touch with our clients, providing them with access to current product release, sharing the ideas about the difficulties and new features. This is achieved through the effective use of such methodologies as SCRUM, Agile, and Continuous Integration.
  • Sprints or delivery check points. We establish a schedule of deliveries for every project, where each delivery is prepared with minimum of defects. It helps our clients to stays constantly up to date with our work progress and deliver the high quality product at the end.
  • Only best engineers in team. Our team consists of highly competent, experienced and success oriented professionals. Our engineers assure success of all projects.
  • Always on time. We always keep up with delivery dates according to the schedule assigned. Experience and skills of our managers allow us to provide timely deliveries in 99% of all the projects.
  • The simpler the better. Our engineers always strive to design and implement all tasks in the simplest possible way. Because the easier system implementation is, the more reliable it is.
  • Time for architecture development and analysis. We allocate time for software architectural design for every project. For us, these are not just hours or days in cost estimation. It is the time when we find the best solutions for the project, when we conduct analysis of all possible ways for project realization, when our engineers come up with different ideas, then try and test various solutions. It is the time when we define the basis for any project.
  • Continuous Integration. Our development process is organized in a way that allows us to exercise new product releases constantly, test them and demonstrate to our clients. We possess all the conditions to make the Continuous Integration process work constantly.
  • Universal Cross platform. We always consider the fact that our products may work on different platforms in the future, so we are trying to find a better balance between cross-platform, development resources and results for customers and users
Softarex Technologies is The Best Choice for Your Software Development Needs

Best product

Client’s interests come first. We share customer’s interests being fully committed to them.

Flexible and Agile. We fully understand that project requirements can change at any time and therefore we build our working process using different methodologies based on Agile, and all our teams are always ready to changes. We are totally flexible in the approach to implementation of new requirements, taking into account clients’ interests, software quality, budget and timeline.

Grow product step by step. For each project we build its own development strategy, which allows us to get certain functionality that client can use at every check point. We gradually raise the product bringing every detail to perfection.

Product is a set of components. Each product consists of a set of interconnected components. Our Continuous Integration process and constant software testing allow us to provide high quality of each product and always meet deadline for delivery in time.

Clear vision and understanding. We constantly maintain all project team members fully updated. Due to the effective communication within the team, each team member always knows project’s goals and objectives, believes in project success and does everything possible for the project to be successful.

On time

Our main goal is to deliver product on time. Each member of our team is aware of project delivery dates and believes that it is possible. Each member of our team understands his/her responsibility, and our managers do whatever it takes to have their team releasing the project on time. Product release is the goal for every team member and the most awaited event on every project, as it is an expectation of our client’s and our own success.