Software Engineering

codeNforcer provides source code analysis based on:

  • Standards for structural quality developed by CISQ
  • Object oriented metrics codEnforcer incorporates theoretical background described below.

Below provided some theoretical background used for development of codeNforcer.

Definitions of software quality

  • Functional quality of software refers to how well it complies with or conforms to a given design, based on functional requirements or specifications.
  • Structural quality of software refers to meeting non-functional requirements, which support implementation of the functional requirements.

Standards for structural software quality

  • ISO 9126-3 and ISO 25000:2005 standards specify metrics for measurement of structural quality. ISO 25000:2005 standard is also known as quality model SQuaRE (Systems and software Quality Requirements and Evaluation)
  • Based on SQuaRE model the Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ) defined 5 most important goals to be achieved by relevant structural software characteristics.