Best Practice Methodologies

Since our company’s early days, we have used various Software Development methodologies. For each project we choose the most appropriate development methodology and can adjust and combine different methodologies within one project or as part of working with one client, but on different projects.

Fundamental principles of all Agile methods consist of the following:

  • Software delivery is iterative and incremental, organized and prioritized around client’s business needs;
  • Real measure of success is a software delivered on time;
  • Changes in requirements can come at any moment during the development process and it is important to work with them in the right way;
  • Clients have constant communication with their development team and work in close collaboration with each other to achieve best results.

These principles define the organization of our work and on each and every project allow us to fulfil our company’s mission: To deliver the best product on time.

Applying Agile methodologies allows us to minimize risks for our clients and also allows our customers to take part in the development process and therefore make the necessary changes in time. Certainly, the success of this work depends not only on the developers, but also on the communication with the client. If a client is able to maintain communication with developers, the Agile methods are certainly effective, but if a client does not have enough time for efficient communication, then RUP (Rational Unified Process) methodology is the best choice. Nevertheless, when applying RUP in our work, we always organize our workflow so that every 3-4 weeks we show the customer the result of our work, i.e. software with certain functions developed. Thus, the customer is always updated on the project, but we minimize the time needed for communication.

Our company has accumulated vast experience in the development of complex IT systems that we have successfully delivered by combining different Software Development methodologies and focusing on our main mission – To deliver the best product on time.