Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions is the next step to your success

The popularity of SaaS implementation is becoming stronger every day, and today Cloud technologies and SaaS solutions can bring competitive advantages (such as flexible fees, remote access, fast deployment, ongoing support etc.) and tremendous increase of efficiency and effectiveness of your business.

With moving your software into cloud or making it as SaaS you can have the following benefits:

  • Reducing time for software update on users' computers
  • Infrastructure for users' computers becomes less expensive
  • Access to software and data from many offices
  • Communications
  • Higher security of your data storing
  • Flexible software maintenence and updates
  • Abilities for centralized backup of your data

We use a wide range of technologies for building your Cloud and SaaS solutions:

  • Java, .NET
  • Windows, Linux
  • MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle
  • Windows Azure, Amazon S3, Java Hadoop

One contact point for enabling your Cloud and SaaS solutions

For our clients we provide the complete Cloud and SaaS solutions development from system requirements development and on out to hardware infrastructure building. We can provide all necessary services:

  • Software development of your SaaS solutions
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • System administration

Examples of our Cloud and SaaS solutions:

  • Web based EHR solution – Medical Practice Management Software
  • Virtual Classes management System
  • Students activities monitoring system
  • Online Course Creation and Management System

Invite experts for enabling your Cloud!

Softarex Technologies Inc. has experience in the development of SaaS solutions for:

  • Healthcare
  • Education and E-learning
  • Solutions for Public Sector
  • Communications
  • Publishing and advertisement