User Experience, Interaction and Interface Design

A convenient and elegant user interface (UI) is a must for modern software products. When working on the UI design and development, we take into account the following factors:

  • The environment for the application’s future use (website, mobile application, website with responsive markup);
  • Purpose of the future application;
  • Behavior, users’ roles, their needs, demographics of users, their profession (e.g. doctors, engineers at production sites, all possible users, etc.);
  • Business needs that must be solved by the application;
  • Requirements for operating speed;
  • Usability of the application.

The process of UI development is complex and involves various stages – from business analysis to the development of application interface. During the UI design stage, we take into account all the important details in order to minimize changes in the future. Usually, we perform the following steps during the UI development process:

  • Preliminary analysis and preparation of the interface design based on the requirements;
  • Development of mockups for all application screens and modeling of application’s workflow using mockups;
  • Demonstration of the mockups to the customer with subsequent communication between the customer and the Quality Control team to ensure that the necessary changes are implemented;
  • Graphic design of the interface and of all the required graphic elements;
  • UI implementation into the actual application;
  • Testing and modification based on usability and user experience.

During the development of a user interface, we apply the most modern technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JavaFX, PrimeFaces, etc. Examples of our user interfaces are shown below.