New release of OTT platform for TVtibi

Ready, Set, Sync!

Softarex Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce acceptance of the latest development round, fuelling launch of
the new global a-la-carte video platform TVtibi in June.

With both live channel and video on demand offerings, TVtibi provides consumers with full control over what
they watch and what they spend. The new platform offers not only individually purchased channels, but also series,
episodes and movies available in multiple languages, countries and for local currencies.

TVtibi is designed for searching, purchasing and viewing broadcasts of various TV channels, as well as separate
video files. The system consists of client applications that can be installed on devices that run under Windows 8,
Windows Phone, iOS and Android, as well as web applications designed for control and management of video content that
system users can search, buy and view.

Client applications allow users to view free content, as well as purchase access to the selected commercial
content. The users can also view a TV guide for any of the TV channels available. The Web application allows
users to register in the system and manage their accounts.

Main Features:

  • Free video content: Users can view free video content even without registration or authorization in the system.
  • User registration: Users can register an account both on the website and through the mobile application.
  • Search the required content: There is a convenient search function implemented in the application,
    allowing users to find the required TV channels and separate video files, whereas a convenient filtering system
    allows searching the required content by its genre (films, TV shows, sport, etc.).
  • TV guide: For TV channels available in the system, users can view a TV guide, which allows them to keep up to date
    and not miss a program they want to watch.
  • Purchase commercial video: To view more TV channels and video files, user should purchase a service to
    allow them access to videos for a certain period.
  • Favorites: The ability to group user’s most watched TV channels and separate videos makes the search process even
    more convenient.
  • Manage devices: Users obtain the ability to manage the devices for viewing the purchased content. By
    default, users can view purchased video on five devices. If necessary, additional devices can be purchased separately.