Energy and Utilities

Cost reduction for water supply stations: management software to optimize operation of water pumps.
Energy and Utilities case studies

Our development services resolved a number of problems of our customers. Smart metering and smart management solutions by Softarex Technologies, Inc. provide more than just counting and saving.

Cost reduction for water supply stations: management software to optimize operation of water pumps.

The goal of the project was to provide cost savings on electricity consumed by water supply station.

Typically demand for water varies over day and night, resulting in variable volumes of water and output pressure by water supply stations. For this reason water supply stations are equipped with various pumps capable of different throughput, output pressure and power consumption. Wise distribution of load between the pumps provides very significant cost savings on electricity bills.

By request of our customer we developed specialized software to provide automatic optimization and management of operational parameters for the water pumps. The software is embedded into multiple PLC (programmable logic controllers) working in real time Linux environment.

Light Management System
Light Management System - case study

The purpose of the solution is to provide effective energy and light management in large buildings and campuses. This kind of solutions require integration of newest industrial standards and technologies.

Our solution is based on a hardware platform of programmable logical controllers (PLC) in junction with special controllers implementing DALI and EnOcean interfaces. This solution enables highly effective, customizable and manageable house/building lighting systems. Our development includes software for PLC and software for visualization of user interface initially developed with CodeSys.

Data Import From Gas Metering Systems
Data Import from Gas Metering Systems case study

This is a special software module for operation with Oracle databases, designed for preliminary data processing and conversion for further import into the database. The main feature of our solution is capability to process millions of records in very short time intervals. As a result the data can be used for further billing process.

Application for billing of gas consumption

This is a special calculation module to provide billing process for gas consumers. The module is developed on Java and communicates with Oracle database to provide extremely fast calculations. This application is a core of the billing system to invoice consumers.

Portal for Smart Metering Management and Electricity Billing
Portal for Smart Metering Management and Electricity Billing case study
  • SaaS solution that provides the ability for property owners and end-users to access billing and metering information
  • User management
  • Meter management
  • Communication with mobile software to receive information from meters
  • Energy billing system with all necessary features