Healthcare and Medicine

Innovating Healthcare and Medicine With New Technologies
Healthcare and Medicine With Softarex Technologies, Inc.

For many years our company has been contributing to the evolution of medical history and billing systems, also developing own solutions for medical diagnostics, as confirmed by patents on inventions. We perform and integrate multiple EMR, EHR, HIS, RIS and other information systems, HL7 solutions for interoperability, as well provided services to improve efficiency of workflow and processes.

Medical Billing Software
Medical Billing Software by Softarex Technologies, Inc.

The first version of Medical Billing Software was developed by the American company back in 1980-th. The main goal was to provide the clients with effective medical billing and credentialing services. But over the time the changes were needed. Following the intervention made by Softarex Technologies, Inc., the product has become more competitive, efficient, got new features, multiple layers of security, and reached a new level of process control.

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Automatic Reflex Diagnostics System
Automatic Reflex Diagnostics System by Softarex Technologies, Inc.

Based on the method of Y. Nakatani, our company has developed the Automatic Reflex Diagnostics System that allows you to quickly check the human health, to diagnose the case correctly and subsequently accelerate his treatment.

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Hospital Booking Service
Hospital Booking Service by Softarex Technologies, Inc.

Just like to book a room at the hotel, today it is possible to order a specific set of services at the hospital. All you need is to use the Hospital Booking Service, select the necessary services and accommodations, and the operator will put you on a waiting list. The application, developed by Softarex Technologies, Inc., is unique and very useful.

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Value-Based Healthcare
Value-Based Healthcare by Softarex Technologies, Inc.

A unique system that represents a new approach to chronic diseases management. As a basis is taken the data obtained from the patient, that is used to complete profile of the person, and shows the path traversed by the patient during the treatment of the disease.

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