Automatic Reflex Diagnostics System

Automatic Reflexodiagnostics system is for conducting the diagnostics on basis of Y. Nakatani method. We have developed measuring device as well as the necessary software. The systems allows conducting express diagnostics on basis of Nakatani method and processes the result in order to identify general state of human health, which helps to efficiently control the treatment process of a patient.

Electronic Directories

We have developed a number of unique directories for doctors working in the field of reflexotherapy. With these directories it is possible to search for bioactive points (points of acupuncture) on basis of different symptoms and sign of disease.

  • Auricular points directory
  • Vogralic points directory
  • Warren point directory
  • Representation system of energy and humoral interactions between organs and systems according to R. Voll and F. Kramer
  • Energy Points – directory with points responsible for energy
  • Dr. Voll points directory categorized by human body parts and with detailed information
  • Symptoms – directory with information about which points relate to some exact symptoms


Software developed for Windows operating system on C# with .NET Framework 2.0. We have developed two versions of software. The first version is for professional using and the second one is for express or home usage. The system is provided with a very detailed help which can give answers not only to questions how to use system but also has medical background how to interpret and use the results obtained by the system.

  • Modern Office 2007 style interface
  • Powerful expert system for measurement results processing and interpreting
  • Easy to use and fully documented system
  • Patients database with necessary management features
  • Different measurements results representation: Classic Nakatani diagram, Riodoraku Pie Chart, U-Sin five elements diagram, Summary report with measurements characteristics for each point, Report with dynamical characteristics points
  • Defining symptoms with exact list of possible problems in human body basing on measurements results
  • Special subsystem for dynamical measurements analyzing by each point
  • Meridians day activity and its correlation with human health state
  • Ability to track treatment process with storing all information about all treatment process actions
  • Integral estimation of level of patient’s health according to the measurements sessions results
  • Biorhythms and their correlation with human health state
  • Data Export/Import, Backup/Restore


  • Generates very exact measurements with electric current 12.6 Volts, 200 mА by Y. Nakatani methodology
  • Provides abilities for dynamical measurements which allows making dynamical analysis of points state and understand the level of problems in some meridian or organ
  • Automatic calibration before taking measurements which provides exactness and accuracy of these measurements
  • Highly compact: dimensions 125x65x30 (Length x Width x Height) millimeters
  • Used 4 elements AA size (1.5 V)
  • Uses Bluetooth for communication with PC
  • Batteries charge control and transfer of this information into software