Patient Sanitary Document Management

Our PSD project is a management solution for all Patient information during his/her hospitalization. The PSD is a complex object composed of many information pieces that can be for example: General Information, Family Sanitary History, Pathologic Sanitary History, Examination Results, Visit Results, and other information.

A Patient can be registered X times in a given Hospital, and he/she will get X number of PSDs related to him/her, but some information is ‘Patient-related’ which means that this information is always present in each Patient Fascicle (PSD), for example registry/anagraph information and some historical data (in other words all the information that is permanent). Other information is however specific for each Patient Hospitalization course, so it relates to his/her hospitalization motivation (i.e. examination, visit, surgery, etc.) and his/her hospitalization course (date, therapy, etc.).

The application allows the full management of PSDs from the very beginning, i.e. patient’s registration, and through each phase of Fascicle management. Different phases (for example, Patient Admission or Laboratory Analysis) will require interaction with third-party applications in order for the PSD application to retrieve and record the necessary information. As a result, the PSD application can be in different modes:

  • WebServices Mode, if a third-party application supports WebServices;
  • HL7 Standard interaction, if a third-party application uses this standard;
  • Direct access interaction, where some read/write query into external table will be performed (all queries are to be supplied by the customer).

The System includes the following features:

  • Patient Registry Management (based on the Hospital Booking Service (HBS) and extended in terms of its features);
  • Patient Accreditation (almost like the HBS only with third-party apps integration);
  • Hospital Booking Service (already developed into the HBS project);
  • Bed Management;
  • Order Entry (Examination and Visit Management – the main part);
  • Patient Overview;
  • Medical/Operator Diary.

Device Drivers Development

In the majority of our projects related to the development of automation and device control systems, we develop custom drivers to work with such devices. To deliver projects in other areas, we also use our experience and expertise in the development of drivers. Our specialists develop drivers for operating systems of Windows and Linux families, including drivers for monitors, printers, data transmission devices, PLC.