Internet of Things and Industry 4.0

Smart Home Metering System
Smart Home Metering System Case Studie

This system is comprised of a set of devices that communicate via Wi-Fi. The following devices include:

  • Wireless Heat Cost allocators;
  • Wireless adapters for water/gas/electricity meters;
  • Wireless M-Bus-RS485 Data logger;
  • PLC-based ModbusTCP bridge.

The solution allows to resolve all tasks related to the collection and transfer of data via the above devices. Also, specialized systems can be added to this configuration for electricity/light management to ensure the optimal use of electricity. We develop the software for such systems, while our partner OWEN develops all the hardware and controllers. With this approach, we provide complete end-to-end solutions to our clients.

Android Application for Meter Data Collection for Homeowners
  • Transfer of all collected data to a server
  • Local data storage for storing the collected data
  • Data collection through M-Bus protocol
  • Easy to use application
End-user Applications for Energy Consumption Control
  • Easy to use mobile application
  • Real-time access to information about energy consumption
  • Control of energy expenses