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Manufacturing Case Studies

Our development experience encounters various types of productivity solutions. All of them are designed in a way to ensure that architecture guarantees reliability, scalability, usability, security, and decreases processing time for each little bit of significant information.

Configurator MSD-200

The task of the project is to develop a configurator to work with MSD-200 device of OWEN enterprise manufactory under control of Windows XP and Windows 7 OS. MSD-200 device is used for measuring current signals in four measuring channels (analog input channels), to collect data via communication interface RS-485 with further data recording on SD memory card.

The device is designed for the use in various automated control systems as their part as well as for production plants’ control. RS-232 interface is used through converter from interface RS-485 or GSM modem as an option to interact with MSD-200 device. For this project, we have created libraries for interaction with the device via RS-232 or modem according to the OWEN communications protocol that can be used for further projects. Also such converters as ACM3, ACM4 and virtual COM port can be part of the device connection circuit.

The program is developed on C++ in the development environment MS Visual Studio 2008 with the use of MFC and ATL libraries. To ensure the integrity of the data obtained from the device we have implemented the features of digital signature verification with the use of SHA-512 and AES algorithms. PBKDF1 algorithm is used to generate a key. CRC-16 is used to create and control the check sum of files.

We have developed a subsystem to allocate user interface that allows adding new localization languages without application recompiling.

Among other project features we can point out the concurrent development of the application and the device itself, which allowed to reduce total time for the hardware and software system creation.

Application for programmable logical controllers testing

In this project we have developed a set of programs that allow simplifying the work with PLC on the stage of its PLC configuration and fine tuning.

  • GUI module;
  • Library to connect to client’s devices;
  • Set of libraries that allow conducting specific tests for each separate PLC;
  • Programs for PLC written in the CoDeSys environment.

When conducting the process of PLC configuration and fine tuning on plant the following features are available: Communication test with the device, Time synchronization with the device, Time check, Display check, Check the device interface contrast ratio, ACP adjustment, Metrology check, Output type setup, Quantized input and MP1 check, Cold junction adjustment.

The developed system is used on plant to automate the testing of ready-to-use PLCs.

Interaction with peripheral devices

Whilst developing our systems, we often deal with the integration of different devices, such as Barcode reader, Card reader, Receipt printer, Digital cameras, Fingerprints and RFID scanners. Our knowledge in the field of integration of various devices allows us to develop the required solution for organizing trade process, goods identification, warehouse management systems, where it is necessary to use portable computers to connect to the central database.

Warehouse and orders management software
Warehouse and orders management software by Softarex

This software has been designed with high functionality for working on large inventories typically found within a big trading organization. The system includes software developed for the support of remote PDA devices for preparing product orders directly in the warehouse and sending them to the central database for processing. Access to a system is available through intranet network. Also resellers and regional representatives have access to the system through internet, which allows them to make orders for products this way. The system has all necessary features to make the workflow of managers and accountants more convenient.

Application for light management based on Dali and EnOcean protocols
Application for light management based on Dali and EnOcean protocols

The purpose of the solution is to provide effective energy and light management in large buildings and campuses. This kind of solutions require integration of newest industrial standards and technologies.

Our solution is based on a hardware platform of programmable logical controllers (PLC) in junction with special controllers implementing DALI and EnOcean interfaces. This solution enables highly effective, customizable and manageable house/building lighting systems. Our development includes software for PLC and software for visualization of user interface initially developed with CodeSys.

This application is developed on Structured Text (ST) languages of IEC 61131-3 standard and it works in CoDeSys environment that is installed on PLC. Our new system provides all the abilities to manage the building lighting system on basis of Dali and EnOcean protocols. In this project, we have also developed a display system (display interface) that also works in the CoDeSys environment and allows displaying system interface on Touch Pad Screen. In general, this project is the solution to build lighting systems with the purpose to organize the most effective lighting in the huge buildings and the ability to control it from one control station.

CRM, SCM, HR and ERP Systems

We have a deep experience in the development of HRM, SCM, CRM, ERP and Processes Management systems. The right architecture and design allow a company to increase their productivity up to 20% on average.

We have developed a number of systems in this area that allow automation of various business processes.