Multimedia, e-Learning and Communications

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Multimedia, e-Learning and Communications Case Studies

Multimedia, Communications, VoIP, Graphics, Pattern Recognition, Mobile Robotics, Video conferencing, etc.

For communications, multimedia and data transfer, we have developed numerous innovative products that provide our clients not only with savings of time and money, but help them generate definite profits. You can be sure that Softarex Technologies, Inc. will provide you with the best ROI in these areas of expertise.

Automatic phone call processing system
Automatic phone call processing system case study

Many companies have dedicated help desk staff who are constantly in demand to respond the questions and solve service related problems. In most of these cases the processes can be fully or partially automated, by implementing automatic phone call processing systems, thereby considerably reducing the costs for support staff and related services. This is applicable for any organization with customer support systems.

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Remote desktop and conferencing systems
Remote desktop and conferencing systems case study

Quite often company's structure is geographically diverse and distributed, spread over different offices, regions and even countries. An ideal way to communicate and improve workflow is use of special software, that facilitates the meetings’, conferences’ and training’ organization allowing the sharing of the meeting organizers' PC desktop among all users.

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Courses building and management portals
Courses building and management portals case study
  • Courses management
  • Courses creation complaint to SCORM standard
  • Import of PowerPoint presentations and its conversion into SWF with generation scripts for navigation
  • Advanced set of tools for building online courses
  • Access to selected courses only
  • Access to courses by invitation only
  • Quick self test after course
  • Test defined by teacher
  • Students activity tracking
  • Integration with knowledge evaluation portal
Educational and knowledge evaluation portals
Educational and knowledge evaluation portals case study
  • Create and publish Polls (Exams, Practical tasks, control check lists, test)
  • Multi type content support: more than 20 types of questions, instructions and control check lists
  • Additional features for polls content: timers, hints, different questions and answers mix-up scenarios, different progress bars, different pages themes
  • Email sending to students with results after completion tests and other tasks
  • Content Import/Export from CSV files
  • Localization tools for providing content on many languages
E-learning, authoring and content delivery for healthcare
E-learning, authoring and content delivery for healthcare case studies

Questionnaires Module in Authoring Tool for Value-based healthcare

  • Create and edit sets of questionnaires covering issues of specific concern to the patient
  • Review status of answers from patients
  • Created questionnaires also have Snapshot state
  • Reporting and statistics

Educational modules and Authoring tool for content management

In Value Based software we have developed modules for providing self-education for patients. For managing content for these modules it was developed special parts in Authoring tool. Content delivered into applications on mobile phones.