Automatic phone call processing system

Many companies have dedicated help desk staff who are constantly in demand to respond the questions and solve service related problems. In most of these cases the processes can be fully or partially automated, by implementing automatic phone call processing systems, thereby considerably reducing the costs for support staff and related services. This is applicable for any organization with customer support systems.

The core of this system is a facility which provides speech assisted features to callers who use a regular or VoIP phone for connecting to corporate telecom hardware. The speech recognition and control application is capable of handling the call state, and is able to interrupt the call and to acquire notifications when the call is answered.

In addition, the speech control application prompts the caller and recognizes the input to perform further actions. The control application provides menu dialogs, login features and full system service.These systems are designed to deal with many problems, including: customer account information access, product locator, troubleshooting guides, ordering systems, employee or customer PIN/ password reset, etc. These systems can be used in technical support departments, sales departments and information services. These systems employ advanced voice recognition and voice generation modules. Voice generation modules allow the generation of natural speech, in many different languages, as well as voice recognition “on-the-fly” when used with an intelligent voice recognition core.