Remote desktop and conferencing systems

It is very often when company’s structure is geographically diverse and distributed, spread over different offices, regions and even countries. An ideal way to communicate and improve workflow in such cases is with the use of special software, which facilitates the meetings’, conferences’ and training’ organization allowing the sharing of the meeting organizers' PC desktop, between all users.

Remote access to servers and user computers from virtually any place on the planet is an additional task that can be solved with these systems. The use of remote desktop and conferencing systems goes even further, by enabling companies to decrease their costs for meetings, traveling and communications.

  • Cross platform: can be installed on Windows and Linux computers
  • Client can get access to host computer from desktop PC through application or through HTML 5 based client which works on any platform including iOS and Android
  • High speed
  • Support of CAD systems installed on server for real time work with them
  • Multithreaded high speed data transferring
  • Multi monitor support
  • Multi users connection to same server/virtual machine