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Social Media and E-Commerce case studies

Our company has accumulated substantial experience in systems development to facilitate publishing process, as well as to deliver multimedia content to users. Our multimedia solutions provide you with reach functionality for content creation, distribution over cable and wireless networks, scheduled delivery, exposing at exhibitions and big screens in public places. Our systems provide powerful means to manage publishing houses, broadcasting and cable television companies, advertising and booking agencies.

GigZone is a universal online booking system and online social network. It is a unique system for both entertainers and talent buyers.

On one hand, it was developed to help professional performers looking to promote themselves internationally to extend their network of business connections and find a job; and on the other – to help consumers find and hire live entertainment for circuses, corporate events, private parties, nightclubs, fraternity functions, varieties, grand openings, cabarets, TV shows, theme parks and other events.

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TVtibi case study

TVtibi is designed for searching, purchasing and viewing broadcasts of various TV channels, as well as separate video files. The system consists of client applications that can be installed on devices that run under Windows 8, Windows Phone, iOS and Android, as well as web applications designed for control and management of video content that system users can search, buy and view.

Client applications allow users to view free content, as well as purchase access to the selected commercial content. The users can also view a TV guide for any of the TV channels available.

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