Internet of Things

More and more devices have built-in operating system and the ability to communicate with internet. According to research agencies the number of wireless devices connected to the internet will grow up to 30 billion by 2020. This trend is noticeable in different activities, such as eHealth, smart metering, smart city, smart home, automotive, manufacturing, construction equipment, traffic management systems and so on. The range of applications for these solutions widens every day.

Development of effective systems is extremely challenging when it comes to requirement of knowledge base for relevant technologies. Competence in hardware design, embedded development, and cloud solutions may no longer be separated. It requires integration of solutions for data collection, handling and analysis. Furthermore operation of these solutions generates even Bigger Data.

The solutions we built for smart city are flexible high-performance systems, capable of serving a vast large number of users and devices. Main functions of our solutions include:

  • device management
  • device configuration
  • resellers management
  • user management
  • device allocation
  • billing systems for utilities
  • service tickets for devices
  • mobile applications for interaction with smart metering system