Mobile Application

Mobile technologies are currently used by billions of people around the globe. Every year the demand for mobile technologies grows on average by 15-20%, and today they are widely used not only by the end-users but also by large corporations for resolving their business critical challenges.

Softarex Technologies offers its clients the development of innovative enterprise level mobile solutions for satisfying their business needs, enabling new technologies and growing their business in new directions. Our mobile solutions include: special HMI-building and UI-generation systems used for manufacturing management systems operating in real time; mobile healthcare monitoring systems; meter data collection and transferring systems; and special healthcare systems for tracking treatment process.

We provide a large set of services related to mobile applications development:

  • Deep analysis and understanding of the client’s business and propositions on how to transfer existing applications to a mobile platform;
  • System architecture and UI design development;
  • Software development and testing for iOS, Android and Windows apps;
  • Support of multiple platforms via native or cross-platform technologies.

  • iOS: Objective-C, Cocoa, OpenGL, SQLite
  • Android: Java, OpenGL, RenderScript, SQLite
  • Win Phone 7, Windows 8: C#, Silverlight, XNA, SQLite
  • Smart TV: JavaScript; HTML5, CSS3
  • Tools: Eclipse, VisualStudio, XCode, JavaScript, HTML5, WebKit, PhoneGap

Our portfolio features the following mobile solutions:

  • Healthcare Monitoring Systems
  • Patients treatment process tracking
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Meter data collection and transferring systems
  • Meters configuration and testing software
  • Utilities consumption monitoring software for end-users
  • Systems for building and generating Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) in real-time
  • Mobile applications for manufacturing process management
  • Mobile applications for Smart TV
  • Mobile applications for Video on Demand (VoD)