Software as a Product

Products for mass market

Developing software products for mass market is obviously different from developing enterprise applications.

Although enterprise applications may be used by a large number of people, mass market products are targeted for use by a much larger audience in a vast variety of environments. This variety is a reason to consider more factors in design, development and testing for different hardware platforms, operating systems and browsers.

You can order your Software from us as a Desktop, Mobile, Cloud or embedded application designed for a wide range of use cases.

Business models for software development of your product

Based on your required functionality either fixed budget we offer development of software products with Time&Materials or Fixed Project models accordingly.

We always recommend to choose Time&Materials approach, as it allows flexibility to change functional requirements, development priorities, and definition of product updates, yet controlling the budget. This approach also allows applying such methodologies as SCRUM and Agile in the best possible way.

Case Studies

Our software application development services provide you with:

  • Business analysis, domain study and research, examination of real needs of users and businesses
  • Software architecture design, UI/UX design including mockups, software development, and Quality Assurance
  • Beta testing
  • Documentation and creation of video tutorials
  • Re-engineering, performance tuning and porting services

Our numerous software products are already in operation in the following areas:

Healthcare and medicine
Energy and Utilities

Application development with any of the following technologies:

UML, RUP, MS Visio, Design patterns GoF, MVS, MVVM

MS Visual Studio 2008/2010, Eclipse, NetBeans, PhoneGap, CodeSys

Programming Languages
Visual C++, C++, C#, ASP.NET, Java, Java 2EE, J2ME, JSP 2.0, Java applets, Java Servlets, Expression language, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, XML

Oracle, MS SQL ServerĀ®, MS SQL, PostGres, MongoDB, Dynamic DB


NHirnate 4, Entity Framework 4, DirectX, XNA, Telerik, ComponentOne, DevExpress, SWING, JNI, ANT, BIRT, Spring, Spring Security, Enterprice Java Beans, c3p0, iText, pd4ml, MAVEN

Web libraries and technologies
JQUERY, AJAX, Web Services, JSF 2.1, Facelets, Struts, Primefaces 3.2, Prettyfaces

Mobile Systems and Technologies
Visual C#, .NET Compact Framework, Java Me

IIS, MS Speech Server, MS Live Communication Server, MS SharePoint Server, MS Exchange Server, MS Project, Apache, Tomcat(v. 6 and v. 7), GlassFish, Jetty

WinForms, WPF, WCF, .NET Framework, ADO.NET, COM, COM+, OLE, OLE Automation, ActiuveX, Networks, VoiceXML, SALT, Windows services

Operating Systems
Windows OS family, Linux OS Family, Linux Embedded Android, MacOS X, iSO

SCRUM, Agile, Extreme Programming, RUP

Cloud technologies
Hadoop, Windows Azure, Amazon S3, ES2