Viva de Barcelona or how we’ve been to IOTSWC

Ruslan Matuzau, Business Development Manager, Softarex Technologies, Inc

Hey everyone!

My colleagues – Alexander Lipanov, SEO of the company, Alex Chelombitko, Head of Healthcare and Mobile Department, and I just recently came back from IoT Solutions World Congress 2016, that this year took place in sunny and hospitable Barcelona from 25 to 27 of October. It was the first time we were taking part in IOTSWC and right now we are pretty satisfied with our visiting.

A brief digression into the event: the IOTSWC is the first global event dedicated exclusively to joining IoT providers with industry in order to help the latter increase productivity via this disruptive technology. This year IOTSWC offered a highly international environment with more than 8,000 visitors and was focused on IoT solutions in six dedicated areas: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, Transportation & Logistics, Innovation and Technology.

Softarex Technologies on IOT

The event was organized by Fira de Barcelona in partnership with the Industrial Internet Consortium and the Industrial IoT organization. The main goal of this cooperation was to bring together organizations and technology with the goal of accelerating the growth, adoption, and widespread use of industrial IoT.

Softarex Technologies in Barcelona

What is more, it was a big trade show area where all the companies that bought Sponsorship were able to showcase the latest IoT innovations in their industry. What we really liked, that this show included prototypes, live demonstrations (including those of Testbeds – will explain below a bit later), projects and real-life applications. The list of main Sponsors and Exhibitors included such names as Accenture, Deloitte, EMC, Everis, GE, HPE, IBM, Intel, Kaspersky, Microsoft, SAP, and Telefónica.

Softarex at IOT

Brokerage event

I would like to mention one of the most interesting activities during the IOTSWC, that was organized very good and proper – the Brokerage event.  What is Brokerage event, how it looked like and how was it? Imagine you are on a speed dating but instead of your possible “best half” in front of you is sitting your potential client or partner. You have 25 meetings that were booked beforehand, each lasts for 30 minutes. Sometimes, like on a date, a few minutes are enough to understand that it won’t work out, and sometimes all the allotted time is not enough. However, it is worth adding that of the 25 scheduled meetings, we had only 16, because some of the participants did not attend the Brokerage event. To give proper respect to the organizers of the event, that they were trying to connect with these parties and to solve all the problems.

Softarex Technologies at IOT 2016


The list of speakers was admired and we definitely were trying not to miss any of them. To make things clear this list included representatives from such companies as Accenture, Cisco, Microsoft, SAP, Telefonica, Huawei, Bosch, Nokia, Toshiba, HCL, etc. All in all the 2016 speaker list features more than 160 key players from industry, academia, and technology solution providers.

IOT Barcelona 2016


As I mentioned before, IoT Solutions World Congress had a product-oriented Testbed Area. And this area made this event absolutely unique because all the participants were able to experience in person the most advanced and innovative solutions for the benefit of their organizations. There were top 10 testbeds in action.

Which one we have liked most:

The rest of the testbeds with the fool description you can find here.

Business before pleasure

In our case, cerveza after the trade show 😉 Forgot to mention the IoT Solutions Awards Gala – dinner with more than 350 industry leaders will meet to celebrate the second edition of the event. We liked it. Was tasty )

IOT Barcelona 2016 (2)

As a conclusion, I would like to note the high organization of the event, open-hearted people and of course all the beauty of this amazing city. Not to forget about the big minus – the WiFi. For such an event like IoT Solutions World Congress, the Internet was pretty bad, and we were losing the connection  pretty often, that was a bit disappointing during our presentation to participants. Are we going to this event again? Who will refuse to visit this beautiful city again and to talk with representatives of different companies and professionals in their field? Right now we can say that we liked it and hope to visit it next year.